Refund Policy

First, we agree to refund ONLY in followed situations: The product is severely damaged when received or has quality problem within 1 year, you can request for refund or replacement. The print / engraving is not the same as you / your customers ordered. Parcels missing during the delivery. If any of these 3 situations happens, you can contact our Customer Service Support here or by email. We’ll process the refund procedure for you, after our finance department confirms the amount, they’ll transfer the refund to the account which you used to pay for this order in 1-3 working days most. Note: If the refund doesn’t reach your account over 14 days, you can contact us for a detailed refund code such as stan code. Where is your returning address? Returning Address: 3rd Floor Building D Minle Industrial Park Bantian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Note: The Warranty of the product guaranteed is 1 year, including the product quality and normal internal work. We guarantee the returning shipping cost if there is damage and the quality problem with our products, if your customers want to return because they don’t like it, they need to afford the shipping cost.

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